Instant lawns
Instant lawns
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More than 3 years of  experience

We’re a landscaping business based in Johannesburg. We cater for all landscaping needs for Individuals and Corporates by bringing you quality Services.

Lawn Installation

We provide excellent lawn installation services

Lawn Maintenance

We provide top of the class maintenance services to our valued clients.

Rubble Removal

Don’t let it intimidate you we’re here to remove all rubble just contact us today.

All Seasons Evergreen Instant Lawn is a lawn grass that stays green throughout the year and needs more frequent watering

This does not creep, so any holes will have to be filled with seed or sod and can handle full sun and a small amount of shade

We provide clients with outstanding one-to-one personal service and advice. Our expertise includes considerable background and up-to-date knowledge of the instant lawn and irrigation field which allows us to recommend to clients the best product mix available.



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  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Storm Water Runoff Reduction, Ground Water Recharge and Soil Restoration
  • Dust & Air Pollution Control
  • Carbon Retention & Storage
  • Oxygen Production
  • Cooling Effect
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Wild Life Habitat


  • Physical & Mental Health and Relief from Stress
  • Reduced Pest & Allergy Related Problems
  • Noise Abatement, Heat & Glare Reduction and Productivity


  • Improved Property Value
  • Fire Barrier
  • Visual Appeal & Community Pride

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